In South Africa approximately 300 000 new drivers licenses are issued each year, most of them to people in the 18 – 21 age range; which happens to be the most at risk age group for drivers. Our children, who have spent the past 18 years absorbing how we drive are loose on the road.

The first part of this podcast discusses how the Driver Assess driver behaviour profiler can be used to make young people aware of driving behaviours which could put them at risk and, before these behaviours are inculcated, allow them and their Driving Instructor to work on mitigating those higher risk behaviours. Enabling our children to choose to make active choices when driving is one of the most precious things we can give them.

The second part of the podcast discusses experienced drivers, you and me and how over time we have migrated to auto-pilot driving. Changing this to conscious defensive driving is easier than we think, if we are aware and pay attention.

Emotions drive people, people drive cars

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