Keith Cunningham, is an Emotional Intelligence facilitator and owner of Driver Assess and has experienced how resistant people can be to change – especially when it comes to driving.  People want safer roads but still remain resistant to reviewing their own driving behaviour.  What follows is a fascinating conversation about driving as a social activity, what makes our nature resistant to changing driving behaviour and offers an opportunity to take a Free Quiz to assess your behaviors in your car

During this podcast (changing driving behaviour Keith covers some of the following :

  • Are you able to identify resistance within yourself in changing your driving behaviour?
  • Our driving habits are often linked to deep-seated sub-conscious patterns.
  • Driving is a social activity.
  • When we look out for each other on the road we all benefit: more flow, we move quicker with less stress.
  • Small changes we make can ripple and impact other areas of our driving experience.
  • Our relationships with family and friends can often mean we cannot hear valid or valuable feedback because of who giving it or how it’s being delivered.
  • HIgh(er) risk behavior’s that come out of our emotions or feelings are often the cause of problems on the road NOT our driving competency.
  • Nobody else can change our emotions except us.
  • Our ego’s don’t want us to be labeled dangerous or high(er) risk drivers.
  • Most of us aren’t high-risk drivers and the Driver Assess driver behaviour profiler can help us identify the few areas we may be able to improve in.
  • Take patterns from the sub-conscious to awareness and then you have choice to begin making change.


Photo by Greg Bakker on Unsplash

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