One of coaching and mentorings greatest challenges is for people to return to their ‘real world’ and consistently take the actions or hold the head space that they committed to in their coaching and mentoring sessions; particularly when they are under pressure. The driver behaviour profiler is the learning tool that can enable them to do so, every time they drive.

Driver Assess provides your clients with a superb arena to do this; the motor car, every time they drive. All of the emotions and feelings that are spoken about and the behaviours that they want to change in the coaching and mentoring sessions are played out when the person drives, but at 120 kph.

For the Coach to use the profiler as an effective learning tool she needs to have taken the profiler and to have ‘observed’ her own emotions, feeling and behaviours while driving and gained an understanding of her triggers. If she has high(er) risk behaviours she needs to have changed or be changing those feelings and behaviours to ones that serve her. This not only makes the Coach a lower risk driver, but it also equips the Coach with a story of her own and the ability to use the profiler as an effective learning tool.

The Coach’s personal story is important as it serves as a bridge between the coach and the person being coached. It creates a personal link between the two as to just how challenging it can be to change deep seated, sub-conscious patterns of behaviour in an area where neither is (probably) an expert but in which both spend a considerable amount of daily time.

Most of us drive every day and in most cases we are on our own. Making changes to our high(er) risk driving behaviours requires us to drive consciously and take notice of our self talk, feelings, emotions, behaviours and to drive defensively. The motor vehicle is fantastic place to practice the changes we want to make and it serves us, our passengers and other road users.

Use the Driver Assess driver behaviour profiler in your coaching practice and drive behaviour change.

Emotions drive people, people drive cars

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