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In the event that copyright issues arise in relation to the contents of any blog post please email with appropriate evidence. Your concerns will be addressed as soon as is practical.

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Section 6:

The writer, RAI and Driver Assess will take appropriate measures to provide readers with accurate and honest information and views relating to the matter being blogged about. Readers and / or users of the Driver Assess driver behaviour profiler should their use discretion and common sense before taking any decisions or actions based on the information provided.

The blog writer nor RAI T/A Driver Assess will compensate you in any way if you suffer a loss, inconvenience or damage because of or while using or applying information from any blog post or the driver profiler report.

Section 7:

The writer will update published posts on an ad hoc basis and is not bound to comprehensively state all updates or corrections made. Updates and corrections will be flagged for visitor’s convenience where possible.

Section 8:

The writer and RAI T/A Driver Assess do have commercial interest in the blog posts and blogs so as to support changes in the driving behaviour of purchasers of the Driver Assess driver behaviour profiler and to encourage drivers to purchase the profiler to become aware of their high(er) risk driving behaviours.

The writer may choose not to accept invitations or requests which he believes inappropriate to the purpose of the driver behaviour profiler, RAI, Driver Assess or EQ Evolution.

Section 9:

The writer, RAI and Driver Assess can be approached for link exchanges. Requests will be reviewed on a case by case basis and will be at the discretion of the writer, RAI, Driver Assess and / or EQ Evolution.

Section 10:

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Blogging is not the primary activity of this writer. New or updated posts may be delayed if the writer or company’s primary activities demand most of his or their time.

Section 11:

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No sponsored postings are being done as of present. Any articles or links to commercial (or academic, etc.) websites which may be given will be because they are relevant, interesting or useful to the reader.

Where links to personal pages or blogs are provided, ‘nofollow’ tags will generally not be carried.