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Emotions drive people, people drive cars – become a conscious driver

Most of us drive on the roads (and through life) on autopilot, unaware of our subconscious behaviours and the way in which they impact our actions.

We are easily emotionally triggered by the traffic conditions that we navigate daily and when that happens, our reactive, subconscious self springs into, what may be inappropriate action that puts us, our passengers and other road users, at risk.

Our unique profiler ranks your DRIVING BEHAVIOURS as low, medium or high risk and provides you with personalised feedback about your patterns of thinking, feeling and doing when you are behind the wheel. You get the opportunity to experience these patterns and to change them, every time you drive.

Own your driving story; make your subconscious conscious and choose the way you drive.

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The Driver Assess definition of a conscious, defensive driver

When a driver is:

  • Aware and paying attention to their thoughts, feelings and behaviours in real time;
  • Aware and paying attention to the behaviours of other driver around them in real time, and;
  • They are making active conscious choices in relation to the prevailing traffic / road conditions in real time;

Then the driver can be said to be a conscious, defensive driver.

Ever wondered how mindful and pro-active a driver you are, or not?

Who can benefit from Driver Assess?

A driver


Creating conscious, defensive drivers

  • Creates an individual’s current personal diving risk profile
  • Creates awareness of and insight into the drivers current emotions, feelings and sub-conscious behaviours whilst driving
  • Enables a driver to choose to change driving behaviours which do not serve him or her
  • Reduce and even eliminate stress, frustration, anger, anxiety, fear or hostility when driving (for your passenger too)
School Bus

Schools and Universities

What have your children learnt from you?

  • Identify each 17 / 18 year olds driving risk profile before high or higher risk behaviours become embedded
  • Identify teachers or lecturers driving risk profiles. Enable teachers to deal appropriately with school induced stress before they get into their cars
  • Use the driver behaviour profiler in Life Orientation; make LO relevant in learners and teachers lives
  • Make student transport safer and lower risk by requiring all school bus drivers to complete the driver behaviour profiler
Truck Driver


Safer more efficient drivers, reduced cost

  • Provides an individual risk assessment for each driver
  • Enables individual drivers to consciously participate in changing their high or higher risk behaviours. Change can be measured by retaking the profiler
  • Provides clarity in ‘hire / do not hire’ decisions once company perimeters have been developed
  • For all drivers, not just professional drivers
Traffic police speed trap

Traffic and road safety authorities

Putting responsibility for driving change in the driver’s seat

  • Use as part of the obtaining a drivers license process and the AARTO process when licenses have been suspended
  • A new approach to road safety which compliments existing road safety programmes
  • Places responsibility for conscious defensive driving where driving decisions are made, with the driver
  • Provides a basis other than the lack of functional driving skills or medical reasons for refusing to issue a drivers license (once perimeters are developed)

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