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Emotions drive people, people drive cars.

When we look at the alarming facts and figures of accidents on our roads, we can’t help but feel helpless and frustrated at the tragic loss of life, injuries and damage. It is something that affects us all.

At Driver Assess, we believe the current high number of road accidents, injuries and fatalities are unnecessary and is something conscious drivers can change. Drivers, their passengers and pedestrians deserve safer roads.

By using our profiler to help individuals become more self-aware and emotionally alert; we believe the roads will become safer and accidents will be reduced.

Why Driver Assess was started

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Ever wondered how mindful a driver you are,
or possibly how hostile you might be?

Who can benefit from Driver Assess?

A driver


Safer drivers, happy families

  • Identifies an individual’s personal driving risk profile
  • Raise one’s awareness of triggers, emotions and default behaviours
  • Become a conscious driver via monitoring self talk and emotions
  • Stop scaring your family and passengers when you drive
School Bus


Safer school transport

  • Raise student’s awareness about risky road behaviour
  • Identify students driving profile before risky driving behavior begins
  • Identify schoolbus drivers profiles to improve safety for children
  • Enable new drivers to influence their parent’s high risk behaviours
Truck Driver


Reduced cost, more efficiency

  • Provides clarity for ‘hire / do not hire’ decisions
  • Identifies specific education strategies per individual
  • Raise individual’s awareness about their risky road behaviour
  • An aid in accident investigations
  • Compliments your existing driver training
Traffic police speed trap

Traffic & Road Safety Depts.

Fewer accidents, safer roads

  • Provides a new approach to compliment existing programmes
  • Places the responsibility for road safety in the drivers hands
  • Drivers with suspended licenses to be profiled as part of their rehab
  • All drivers of State owned vehicles to be profiled

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